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Cindy Robinson, LMT


Cindy is the mindfulness curriculum coordinator for our groups and workshops. She also happens to be our office manager and intake coordinator! She is a licensed massage therapist, specializing in pediatric massage and trauma touch therapy.


Cindy loves using her knowledge of mindfulness to help children learn to be "in the flow" and feel in control of their own contentment. She incorporates pediatric massage and kid-friendly meditation practices in the mindfulness groups/camps offered at PATC.

She also enjoys working alongside therapists using trauma touch therapy. This form of massage therapy is ideal for clients who have experienced various forms of trauma that result in an aversion to touch, or that touch triggers an uncontrollable emotional response.



  • Massage Therapy License (1000 training hours) from Atlanta School of Massage

  • Pediatric Massage Training (400 hours)

  • Traumatic Touch Massage Certification (80 hours)

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