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Justine Glover, SLP

Pediatric Speech Therapy, LLC has joined the PATC team and is operating their own private practice inside our office.


For parents of children with speech and language impairments, Pediatric Speech Therapy is the clinic most committed to coaching parents because parents want to understand and deserve to know how to help their children.


For children and young adults who struggle with communication skills, Pediatric Speech Therapy is the practice most committed to raising the EQ (emotional intelligence) of the child and the parents because they both deserve to understand how and why the ability to have a conversation is the #1 skill for the 21st century.


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Owner & Director, Speech/Language Pathologist


Hunter College of City University of New York


Justine is the Clinic Owner and Director of Pediatric Speech Therapy, LLC with over 40 years experience in hospital, home health, therapeutic preschool, and clinical settings. Her extensive experience has taught her that "Parent Coaching" is one of the most important and effective aspects of therapy. Specific specialties include social language skills training and early intervention. 





Meagan Gordon, SLP

Speech/Language Pathologist

Master's in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from Alabama A&M University


Meagan has worked as a Speech Therapist for 12 years. She has experience working with clients with diagnoses of Autism, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, and Developmental Delays. Meagan has worked in the hospital, outpatient clinic, & public school settings.


She has completed training in Beckman Oral Motor, Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, and Hannen. Meagan places high value on collaboration and is always interested in new learning.  


Miriam Turner, M.A, CF-SLP

Speech/Language Pathologist


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