Need A Speaker?

As part of our mission at PATC, we believe strongly in providing up to date information related to social and emotional health issues facing today’s families. At our practice, we often encounter children and families that have been struggling for a long time with mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression). Our goal for the community is focused on prevention and awareness so that problems either never occur or families already have the tools to solve them when they arise. We also want families to know when/how to ask for help if/when they need it.



Several of our PATC staff members are available to provide informational and interactive workshops to the community. Many of our workshops are done in conjunction with school-based programming such as PTA groups, lunch & learn series, etc. We can also provide custom groups often at parent’s homes or community settings (churches, synagogues, etc.).  Ideally our objective is to find ways to make this information as convenient and as accessible as possible.


Topics That Matter

Our workshops and presentations address a wide ranges of topics and can be customized to fit your needs. Popular topics include:

  • Technology & Safe Social Media (for Parents & Children)

  • Divorce & Blended Families

  • Identifying Common Childhood Mental Health Disorders (When to Get Help)

  • Normal Developmental Concerns (preschool age): Is My Child “Normal”?

  • Coping with Anxiety (Surviving the Anxious World)

  • Emotional College Readiness

  • Deconstructing Popular Parenting Books (The Parent’s Book Club)

  • The Emotional Side of Executive Functioning & Learning Disabilities

  • Supporting Kids with Medical Illness

  • Why Play Matters

  • Confidence Matters

What Is Available?

Presentation | 1-2 hours, focused on a specific topic | Powerpoint & Q&A

Workshop | 2hrs-half day on a specific topic | Interactive & Experiential (art, games, fun)

Series | weekly-monthly meetings, on a specific or broader topic | Interactive & Discussion

To learn more, get pricing information, or schedule your personalized workshop or lecture,

reach out to us at 678-920-0269 or email!